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Goal Line

What is Goal Line?

A red line found at each far end of the rink that crosses the full width of the rink. The part of the goal line that is common to the goal crease and to the net is also the line of reference to determine whether or not a goal has been scored. 

Sporting Charts explains Goal Line - hockey

During play in an NHL game, anytime the puck crosses the goal line and ends up in the net (provided no illegal tactic was used to direct the puck past the goal line), a goal is counted. The goal line is also the line of reference used to determine icing calls. In potential icing situations, if the puck crosses the goal line and is touched by an opponent of a player who illegally cleared the puck, icing will be called. If a player illegally cleared the puck but it has not crossed the goal line, then icing is waived off even if an opponent touches the puck first. Also, the goal line is important in shootout or penalty shot situations, because no player taking a shot in those situations is allowed to cross the goal line. If he does, the referee will blow his whistle and the shot attempt will end.

On NHL rinks, each goal line is 85 feet (25.9 metres) long (the same length as the width of the rink) and 2 inches (5.08 centimetres) wide. Each goal line is located 11 feet (3.35 metres) from the boards and 64 feet (19.51 metres) from the blue line. 

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