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Goal Suck

What is Goal Suck?

A player who prefers staying near the opposing goal or near the offensive zone so that he has a greater opportunity to score a goal. A goal suck is the type of player who loves scoring goals but also avoids defensive play.

Sporting Charts explains Goal Suck

A goal suck wants to be in the offensive zone all the time or as close to it as possible, so when the puck is in the neutral zone, he will usually be positioned near the opponent's blue line waiting to get into the offensive zone. When the puck is in his own zone and his team is defending, he will often be standing near the blue line so that he is able to start attacking as soon as a teammate retrieves the puck. A goal suck is always a forward, because a defenceman should not stand near the opposing blue line if the puck is in the neutral zone or near his own blue line if the puck is in his own zone.

A goal suck is similar to a "floater".  

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