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What is Goal?

A score that is given when the puck crosses the red line adjacent to a goaltender's crease and ends up in the net as a result of a legal manoeuvre. A hockey game is measured by goals, with the team scoring the most goals during a game declared victorious at the end of the allotted time for the game. Goals are counted by one, so when a team scores a goal, their score increases by one. 

Sporting Charts explains Goal

Goals are counted if the puck is shot or tipped into the net, if it deflects off something on the surface of play and ends up in the net, or if a player puts the puck into his own net. A goal will not count if a player has scored as a result of kicking or throwing the puck into the net, or if he bats it with a high stick. If a player scores a goal but one of his teammates or himself interferes with the opposing goaltender, the goal may be waved off and an interference penalty may result.

A player who scores a goal is credited with a goal, and the players who passed him the puck or who contributed to the goal by touching the puck are credited with assists (a maximum of two players can be credited with an assist on any goal). Many NHL statistics depend on goals, for example points, goals, assists, power play goals, shorthanded goals, empty net goals, even strength goals, goals against average (GAA), and save percentage.

NHL record for most goals in one regular season:

NHL record for most regular season goals in an NHL career:

  • Wayne Gretzky (894 goals)

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