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Hat Trick

What is Hat Trick?

A scoring situation that occurs when a player scores three goals within a single game. Typically, when a hat trick is completed by a player, fans will throw their hats on the ice in celebration.

Also known as a "Hatty."

Sporting Charts explains Hat Trick

A Natural Hat Trick occurs when a player scores three goals unanswered by any other scoring by another player. A Gordie Howe Hat Trick occurs when a player scores a goal, earns an assist and gets into a fight.

The all-time career leader in Hat Tricks is Wayne Gretzky who scored a total of 50 hat tricks including 37 three goal games, 9 games with four goals and 4 games with five goals. Additionally, he also has the single season record with 10 hat tricks in a season. The fastest hat trick ever recorded was by Blackhawks Bill Mosienko who scored three goals against the New York Islanders in 21 seconds on Mar. 23, 1952.

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