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What is Head-butting?

To use the head or helmet to deliberately make contact or attempt to make contact with an opponent. Head-butting is a major penalty, and any player who injures his opponent by head-butting him receives a game misconduct and may be subject to further discipline.

Sporting Charts explains Head-butting

A five-minute major penalty should be automatically assessed to any player who deliberately makes contact with an opponent by head-butting him. However, if the player attempts a head-butt, but his head does not come into contact with his opponent, he will be given a double-minor penalty (two times two minutes) for his head-butting attempt. Although a player can receive a game misconduct for head-butting, unlike most other game misconduct penalties, a head-butting game misconduct does not carry an automatic fine or suspension.

Head-butting is a rare infraction in the modern NHL game, and when the head of player comes into contact with an opponent, it is usually by accident and not deliberate.

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