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Hip Check

What is Hip Check?

Leaning or bending the knees to check an opponent using one's hips. A hip check is performed by a player in a defensive situation trying to stop an attacker from getting past him or trying to separate an attacker from the puck. A hip check is a check most often performed by defencemen.

Sporting Charts explains Hip Check

The hip check is one of the most powerful checks in hockey. When executed properly, it will send those on the receiving end of it off balance and onto the ice. It is many times executed along the boards, sending those who have been hit hard into the boards. The hip check is a legal body check, but players attempting to deliver a hip check must be careful not to hit their opponent below the knees or else a minor or major penalty for clipping could be given to them. It is also important to hit cleanly and safely when executing a hip check because a referee may view an overly aggressive hip check as a roughing infraction. Also, if the player being targeted for the hip check does not have puck possession or is not near the puck, hitting him with a hip check may result in an interference infraction.

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