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Hockey Net

What is Hockey Net?

Also known as the goal in ice hockey, a 6 x 4 foot structure consisting of a welded crossbar and goalposts attached to nylon netting and skirting around the base.

Sporting Charts explains Hockey Net

The net or goal in ice hockey is as essential part of the game, as attacking teams need to move the puck beyond the goal line and into the net in order to score points. The net is part of a larger portion of the ice rink known as the goal area. In the NHL, a 6-foot truncated semi-circle known as the goal crease is the domain of the goalkeeper. The crease is intended as the area within which the goalie can make plays, and was created in an effort to allow goalies to make saves with as little interference as possible. It is still legal, however, for an offensive player to be in the goal crease, but goals can be disallowed if officials determine a player has interfered with a goalie's attempts to save the puck.

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