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What is Hooking?

Using the stick to slow down or prevent an opponent from playing the puck or getting into a better position on the ice. Hooking is given as a two-minute minor penalty when the stick makes contact with an opponent's body and slows him down (stick to stick contact is not a hooking penalty).

Sporting Charts explains Hooking

Hooking is an almost identical infraction to holding, with the principal difference being that hooking involves making contact with an opponent using the stick and holding involves making contact with the arm. The other difference between both infractions is that holding can only be given as a minor penalty, whereas hooking can be given as a major penalty or a game misconduct in the event that a player injures another player by hooking him. If a player receives a game misconduct for hooking, he will automatically be fined $100 and may face further discipline.

Similar to holding and to other infractions, hooking penalties have been on the rise ever since the end of the NHL lockout in 2005. Anytime a player's stick makes contact with an opponent's body, whether intentionally or not, a hooking penalty will be given. In the case where a player hooks an opponent's while he is on a breakaway and has a clear path to the goaltender, a penalty shot will be called instead of a hooking penalty.

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