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Hybrid Icing

What is Hybrid Icing?

A rule in hockey that allows the linesmen to blow the whistle and call the play dead when the puck is shot (iced) down the ice and there is little likelihood of the team who shot the puck down the ice to get to the puck before the defending team touches the puck or it crosses the defending teams goal line. This system doesn't require the player to touch the puck to have the play stopped for icing the puck and is thought to be better for player safety.


Sporting Charts explains Hybrid Icing

Hybrid Icing is in contrast to touch icing, which requires a defending player to actually touch the puck before icing is called on the play. The NHL has instituted this rule for the 2013-14 NHL season after several significant injuries occurring during the chasing of the puck to either ice the puck or prevent the icing call. NHL referees will use the faceoff dot as the line of judgment, on whether the defensive player would've got to the puck (icing) or the offensive player (icing called off) at that point.

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