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Insurance Goal

What is Insurance Goal?

A goal that guarantees victory for a team that was already leading a hockey game. The insurance goal is usually the goal that gives a team a two-goal lead over their opponents in a hockey game.

Sporting Charts explains Insurance Goal

If a team wins a hockey game by two or more goals, the goal that gives the team a one-goal lead is referred to as the "game-winning goal", while the goal that gives the team a two-goal lead (or more) is the "insurance goal". For example, if a team wins a game by a score of 4-2, the third goal is the game-winning goal and the fourth is the insurance goal. Because it is often scored in late-game situations, an insurance goal may be scored in the form of an empty-net goal. When the losing team pulls their goaltender in order to bring on an extra attacker, and the winning team scores a goal in the empty net, their lead is now insurmountable and they are assured of winning the game.

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