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International Ice Hockey Federation

What is International Ice Hockey Federation?

The governing body of international ice and inline hockey since 1908. The organization sees over various world tournaments and events throughout the year, as well as the Olympics.

Sporting Charts explains International Ice Hockey Federation

Known for short as the IIHF, the organization oversees all the international tournaments, most notably the World Championships and Olympics. More than 70 members are part of the IIHF.

The IIHF is run by an executive group where the General Congress elects the President, three Vice Presidents and seven Council Members for a four or five-year term. It includes 13 committees with members in each from all the separate countries.

Besides the Olympics, the most recognized and celebrated tournament around the world each year is the Men's World Hockey Championships. In Canada, the Under-20 World Championships are a huge event around the holiday season in December and beginning of January.

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