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What is Jock?

The underwear or support garment that holds the cup in place to protect the private parts of a hockey player. Also called the jock strap.

Sporting Charts explains Jock

One of the lesser discussed and rarely thought of pieces of equipment for a hockey player, but nonetheless just as crucial.

There are different types of jocks, including some today that are made with materials optimized to reduce sweat and increased comfort while playing. Many jocks have Velcro so the hockey socks can attach.

In the past, jocks, known as jock straps, contained the cup and players would then also have a garder belt to keep the socks up. In the 1977 movie Slapshot, Ned Braden, played by Michael Ontkean, dances around the ice and strips down to his jock in protest of the violent brawl taking place in the championship game.

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