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Minor Penalty

What is Minor Penalty?

A type of penalty resulting from a severe infraction, usually fighting, and results in a player staying off the ice for 10 minutes. The misconduct is usually earned in tandem with a 2-minute penalty. In order to earn a misconduct, the player must commit a foul like checking from behind or continuing to fight after the referee attempts to break up the fight. 

Sporting Charts explains Minor Penalty

When a misconduct penalty is given to a player along with a 2-minute penalty, the referees usually require two players from the team to sit in the penalty box. One player serves the 2-minute penalty for the other player, while the player who got the penalty serves the 10-minute sentence. When a misconduct penalty is called along with an additional penalty, the time served for the additional penalty runs concurrently with the misconduct penalty, rather than one running after the other. The player who earned the misconduct may only return to the ice at the first stoppage in play following once the time on their penalty runs out.

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