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Natural Hat Trick

What is Natural Hat Trick?

There are two types of natural hat tricks. The first definition is a player scoring three goals in the course of a single period. The second definition (and more common) states that a player scores his three goals all in a row, with no other player scoring a goal in between his goals. 

Sporting Charts explains Natural Hat Trick

The record in the NHL for the fastest natural hat trick occurred in 1952 by Chicago Blackhawks Bill Mosienko. He scored a natural hat trick in 21 seconds of the game.  In 2010, Mark Del Ville of the AIHAL's Mid Ice Crisis scored the fasted recorded natural hat trick in 17 seconds. A regular hat trick in hockey occurs when a single player scores three goals in the course of an entire game, but other players may score goals in between that player's goals. In the NHL, a hat trick is usually rewarded with fans tossing their hats down onto the ice. It is said this tradition started in the 1950s. 

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