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What is One-Timer?

The one-timer is a type of hockey shot achieved between two players on the same team. The player carrying the puck passes the puck to the second player who immediately shoots the puck without attempting to control the puck first. This shot requires a very precise pass and excellent timing on the shooter's part. 

Sporting Charts explains One-Timer

The one-timer is often used in an odd man advantage situation where the puck carrier draws the defenseman toward him, then quickly passes the puck to his teammate who immediately shoots the puck. This does not give the goaltender much time to reposition to block the shot coming from a different angle, so it can often result in a goal. The one-timer is an effective shot if executed correctly. It is especially effective if there is a greater change in direction and angle of the puck from what the goaltender is expecting, and if the shot on the one-timer results in a fast moving puck. The faster the puck moves and the greater the change in expected angle, the greater the chance the attacking team will score.

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