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Overtime Loss

What is Overtime Loss?

A defeat recorded in extra time. An overtime loss differs from a regulation loss because, during regular season play, a team that loses a game in overtime will nevertheless obtain one point in the NHL standings.

Sporting Charts explains Overtime Loss

In regular season play, the overtime period is five minutes long and is played at four-on-four (barring any penalty that carries over to the overtime period), instead of the standard five-on-five. While there are less players on the ice and there is more place to maneuver, losing in overtime is less likely than losing in a shootout, for example, because the overtime period is the shortest possible period of predetermined length in hockey. In the playoffs, the overtime periods are twenty minutes in length, and the losing team is not rewarded for losing in overtime like in the regular season. In overtime periods, the first team to concede a goal is instantly credited with an overtime loss, as the game officially ends when an overtime goal is scored.

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