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Penalty Box

What is Penalty Box?

The penalty box is located at the edge of the rink and is the designated spot for players to sit while they are serving a penalty. Each team has its own penalty box, which is manned by off-ice officials who are responsible for opening the doors to release the players back onto the ice when the time of the penalties run out. 

Sporting Charts explains Penalty Box

The penalty box is often playfully referred to as the "sin bin" or the "bad box" by players and fans alike. While the penalty box is surrounded by glass, fans sitting around the penalty box often harass the player in the box, especially if he's from the opposing team. Penalty boxes may be located next to the player's bench or on the opposite side of the rink, depending on the rink's set up. The team must play without a replacement for their player who is in the penalty box during the length of the penalty. If the player is serving two minutes for a minor penalty and the opposing team scores, he will be released from the penalty box early and the penalty time will be cancelled. 

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