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Point NHL

What is Point NHL?

A "point" in hockey has three potential meanings: (1) a point scored by an individual player during the course of a game, either by way of a goal or assist, (2) a point scored by a team following the conclusion of a game, (3) the offensive zone of the hockey rink where the blue line meets the boards.

Sporting Charts explains Point

(1) Points are awarded to individual players throughout the course of the game based on the number of goals and assists they make. Each goal or assist awards one point. A goal can actually result in an award of three points: one for the goal scorer, one for the player who makes the primary assist, and another for a player who makes a secondary assist.

(2) Points in the standings are awarded to teams based on conditions surrounding a win or loss. Teams score two points for a win (including an overtime or shootout win), score zero points for a loss, and one point for an overtime or shootout loss (as a reward for reaching overtime or the shootout).

(3) The "points" on the hockey ice are the spots where the blue lines meet the boards in a team's offensive zone. A team's defensemen typically line up at the points when their team is on offense, in order to protect against a change in possession and also as a means to keep the puck in their team's offensive zone.

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