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Referees Crease

What is Referees Crease?

In hockey, a ten-foot radius semicircular area in front of the score-keeper's bench occupied by the referee during stoppage of play.

Sporting Charts explains Referee's Crease

The referee's crease is generally reserved for officials while gameplay has been suspended as an area to consult with other officials or scorekeepers. According to NHL rules, any player or players who enter or linger in the referee's crease can be subject to a misconduct penalty. This is an unusual penalty to be charged to a player, as they will generally be given a warning to remove themselves from the crease before they are charged with a penalty. Any confrontation within the referee's crease is usually as a result of a player's displeasure with the calls or actions of an official. Captains or alternate captains of a hockey team are usually granted permission to approach the referee's crease under special circumstances.

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