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What is Shaft?

The long thin part of the hockey stick that players hold onto when playing. It is connected to the blade of the stick at the bottom.

Sporting Charts explains Shaft

The shaft of a hockey stick can be no longer than 63 inches in length. Today, it's usually hollow and very light to allow for better speed and precision for players on both shots and stickhandling.

Although the blade is primarily used to play the game, the shaft can be used as a defensive tool for pushing players, applying stick checks or even offensively to direct shots and passes.

Shafts of hockey sticks used to be made of wood. In the 1990s shafts began being made out of alumnimum and graphite while the blade continued to be made of wood. Today, one-piece sticks made from composite materials see both the blade and shaft made from the same materials. 

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