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What is Shortside?

The side of the goal that is nearest to the shooter. The shortside for a shooter depends on which side of the ice he is coming from when approaching the net. If he is coming from the centre of the ice, the shortside depends on whether the shooter is left-handed or right-handed.

Sporting Charts explains Shortside

From a goaltender's perspective, the shortside is either the stick side or the glove side, depending on the handedness of the goalie. Most goaltenders hold their sticks using the right hand and have their gloves in the left hand. For example, if a shooter is coming towards the goaltender from the left side of the ice, the shortside will be the goaltender's right side (the side most where most goaltenders hold their sticks). If the shooter scores by shooting the puck on the shortside, then it is said that the shooter went "shortside on the goalie" or "stickside on the goalie". 

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