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What is Sniper?

A player known for his goal-scoring ability. Snipers usually have excellent wrist shots and are able to free themselves up from defensive coverage and go into scoring areas. Snipers usually play on the wing in the left wing or right wing positions on a team's top two forward lines.

Sporting Charts explains Sniper

Snipers are ideally paired with a play-making centre that can pass the puck well to his wingers. The play-making centre is responsible for carrying the puck into the offensive zone and getting the puck to a sniper who is expected to be in a good shooting position. Snipers behave differently from traditional wingers in that they do not go into corners and battle for pucks as often as "grinders" or more balanced wingers. Snipers are often on the shooting end of one-timers so they must also have a decent slapshot. Many snipers like to shoot from their off-wing, like left-handed shooters who prefer to shoot from the right side and vice versa.

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