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What is Spearing?

A severe infraction of the rules where a player takes the blade of the stick and stabs an opponent. It is also when a player using his stick in a lifting motion, strikes an opponent between the legs in the groin area.

Sporting Charts explains Spearing - hockey

Considered one of the dirtiest penalties in the game, the spear can be quite dangerous, especially if done to the neck or mid-section of an opponent. Penalties in the National Hockey League - NHL include a 4-minute double-minor or a 5 minute major or match penalty.

One of the most infamous spears in National Hockey League - NHL history occurred on April 23, 1988, in a playoff game between bitter rivals, the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers. Marty McSorley of Edmonton speared Mike Bullard of Calgary as McSorley left the ice on a line change. McSorley was suspended three games for the incident that added to the mystique and further proof of why the rivalry was nicknamed the Battle of Alberta.

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