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What is Spin-o-rama?

When a player in possession of the puck spins in a 360 degree circle, maintaining control of the puck while still skating in order to deke or fake the opposition.

Also referred to as the "Savardian Spin-o-rama."

Sporting Charts explains Spin-o-rama

This is a flashy play that usually gets fans ooing and awing in the building. If successful, players can become crowd favorites. However, one must be careful to use it in moderation.

Some great players have been known to use a spin-o-rama as a weapon in their arsenal of puck handling tricks. Bobby Orr and Paul Coffey were a couple defenseman known for their ability to spin on a dime and continue on the with the puck.

However, the player known for originating and perfecting the move was Serge Savard, who played for the Montreal Canadiens during most of his career. Savard is synomous with the move, but said he only did the move so often because he was taught to protect the puck by using his body. It was sportscaster Danny Gallivan who originally coined the term when referring to the move made by Savard.

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