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Stack the Pads

What is Stack the Pads?

A move made by the goaltender when he drops to the ice on one of his sides and puts the leg pads together to make a save.

Sporting Charts explains Stack the Pads

A goaltender will stack the pads by sliding across the crease or falling to the ice on his side feet first. He'll then place the leg pads together, usually on top of each other, to make the save. The goaltender may even raise one or both legs in the air while attempting the save. The technique is generally used to take away the bottom half of the net from the shooter. While the pads are stacked the goalie's trailing arm is usually placed on the ice to seal the remainder of the bottom of the net. The other arm, usually the catching hand, will be stacked on top of the leg pads to take away more of the net and catch the puck if possible. Stacking the pads can be an effective way of keeping the puck out of the net in many instances, but it's sometimes hard for a goalie to get back into position and it's almost impossible to control a rebound after making a save.

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