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Standup Goalie

What is Standup Goalie?

This is a goaltender that prefers to stay on his feet while facing shots and blocking passes from the opposition.

Sporting Charts explains Standup Goalie

A standup goalie is basically just what it sounds like. The goalkeeper tries to stay on his feet as much as possible while playing the position instead of going down to the ice. It's the oldest goaltending style in hockey. When playing the standup style, the goalie will use his leg pads, stick and feet while attempting to make saves when the puck is shot along the ice or aimed at the bottom half of the net. This style was common until the 1960s and it's rarely used in the modern game as most goalies now use a butterfly or hybrid style of goaltending where they usually drop to the ice and spread their legs out on it to make saves. A standup goalie tries to remain square to the puck to cover as much of the net as possible and is usually in position to cover the top half of the net. This style also allows the goalie to see above or around players that are trying to screen him. The hardest shots for a standup goalie to save are those that are along or just a few inches off of the ice as well as in-close dekes on breakaways.

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