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Stay-at-home Defenseman

What is Stay-at-home Defenseman?

This is a defenseman who focuses on their defensive duties before offensive ones. This defenseman is typically the last player to leave the defensive zone and the first one to get back to it.

Sporting Charts explains Stay-at-home Defenseman

A stay-at-home defenseman is one who makes the defensive zone their top priority. This defenseman's main job is to break up offensive attacks and prevent scoring plays. They will join in on the attack only when they're sure there are no offensive threats present from their opponents. A stay-at-home defenseman is often partnered with an offensive defensive. This ensures there will always be one defender in position to deal with offensive threats. Stay-at-home defensemen rarely rush with the puck as they prefer to pass it out of their own zone as quickly as possible. Most of these defensemen are known for their physical play and are adept at body checking, stick checking, and clearing opposing players from the front of their net. Their offensive statistics are usually on the low side because they're dedicated to defending rather than attacking.

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