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Stick Checking

What is Stick Checking?

The act of using the hockey stick to knock the puck off of the puck carrier's stick or to clear it away from their vicinity. 

Sporting Charts explains Stick Checking

Stick checking is a defensive move where a player will stop the puck carrier's progression by knocking the puck off of their stick and out of their possession. It's often done when the defender isn't in a position to stop the attacker by using their body. Stick checking has been used in hockey since day one. There are several variations of the move, such as the poke, tap, sweep, and press check. Another common stick check is lifting the opponent's stick while they're in possession of the puck and then taking it away from them. A good stick check will result in the defending player gaining possession of the puck which will then allow them to start an offensive play. Stick checking can also be considered an offensive play when it's performed in the opponent's zone by a fore checker. A successful stick check in the offensive zone can often lead to a scoring chance. 

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