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The Point

What is The Point?

In the offensive zone, this is the spot where the blue line meets the side boards. It's usually where the attacking defenseman is positioned.  

Sporting Charts explains The Point

In the broadest sense of the term, the point can refer to a team's defensemen. For example, number two and number eight will play or pair up on the point tonight. However, more specifically the point is a spot on the ice in the offensive zone. It's generally considered to be where the blue line meets the rink's boards. But anywhere along the blue line could be referred to as the point when the puck's in the offensive zone. The blue line separates the neutral zone from the defensive/offensive zone. When the attacking team has the puck inside the blue line they're in their offensive zone which is their opponent's defensive zone. Therefore, the blue line is the shallowest point of the attacking zone because once the puck crosses the blue line on the way out of the zone it enters the neutral zone. The job of the point man is to keep the puck in the attacking zone. The point is usually manned by defensemen. However, when a team has a manpower advantage on the power play a forward will often play the position.    

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