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Toe Drag

What is Toe Drag?

When the puck carrier drags the puck along the ice with the toe (open) end of the hockey stick blade faced down to keep it away from an opponent.   

Sporting Charts explains Toe Drag

This can be a very effective way to beat a defender or goaltender or to keep the puck out of their reach. While the puck carrier is stickhandling, the wrists will be rolled over so the toe end of the stick's blade is turned over facing downwards toward the ice. The player then pulls or drags the puck back into their body to protect it. Once they've beaten their opponent the player then rolls the wrists back into the normal position, catches the puck on the blade of the stick and continues stickhandling normally with the middle of the blade. The move is usually over in the matter of a second or two, but it's hard to defend if performed correctly. Experts of the move can also pull the puck from one side of their body to the other or in any direction they choose. When performing the toe drag it's important that players keep their heads up and not look down at the puck. 

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