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What is Trapper?

Another name for the catching glove the goaltender wears as protective equipment that also helps stop, catch and cover pucks.

Sporting Charts explains Trapper

In today's game, the trapper or catching glove is a critical piece of equipment for the goaltender. Since most goaltenders play a butterfly style, which sees them go to their knees to take away the bottom part of the net, they must often make saves and try to catch the puck in order to take away high shots and rebounds.

Trappers have evolved over the years into lightweight, technologically-advanced equipment that's not only comfortable but easier to catch and hold on to the puck. The size of the trapper, however, can only have a perimeter of 45 inches with the wrist cuff being a maximum of 4 inches and the contour of the trapper not exceeding 18 inches.

Some of the best goalies to use the trapper effectively and be remembered for it include Patrick Roy, Felix Potvin and Curtis Joseph

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