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War Room

What is War Room?

In the NHL, an office in the headquarters in Toronto where hockey officials observe and review hockey games and gameplay.

Sporting Charts explains War Room

The "War Room" (or Situation Room as it is often called) is the definitive resource for hockey officials to review video during a game outside of the arena. From this location, penalties, goals and other close plays can be reviewed in a controlled environment.  While video review is at the disposal of referees around most arenas in the League, the War Room is utilized to provide an additional layer of scrutiny for determined goal scoring. During any given game, around 10 staffers occupy the War Room, assigned to review video of the game on high definition monitors.  Officials in the War Room stay in constant contact with the video goal judge during shootouts to ensure that goals are scored correctly. Officials in the War Room always have the final decision on whether or not a goal is scored and may overrule referees on the ice.

The NHL's official name for the War Room is the NHL Video Review Room.

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