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Wrap Around

What is Wrap Around?

When a player comes from behind the net and tries to tuck the puck past the goaltender on the side of the net. When successful, it is known as a wrap-around-goal. 


Sporting Charts explains Wrap Around

Wrap-around tries have become less and less common as goaltenders have gotten quicker and their pads have become lighter and bigger. However, one of the famous wrap-arounders is Ryan Smyth who pots most of his garbage goals on rebounds and deflections. Smyth will try a wrap-around often and in today's game, sometimes score since the goalie is not used to players attempting such a play.

One of the most famous wrap-around goals in National Hockey League - NHL history occurred in the 1994 Eastern Conference Final when Stephane Matteau found the twine past Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils in double overtime of Game 7 to send the Rangers on their way to the finals before earning their first Stanley Cup in 54 years.

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