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Wrist Shot

What is Wrist Shot?

A shot where the stick never loses contact with the puck until the very last second, as the player uses his wrists to cradle, pull back and zing the puck toward the net quickly.

Sporting Charts explains Wrist Shot

The wrist shot is the most basic and most-used shot in ice hockey and is one of the first ones young players learn as it's the easiest to master - and most accurate.

A player will pull the puck back, similar to a pass, and use his wrists to roll the puck from the heel of the stick until finishing near the middle to toe of the stick with a quick flick of the wrists. Players who master the shot can accurately pick corners and hit them with great force. Although a slap shot or snapshot can be faster in speed, the wrist shot is often just as dangerous given its accuracy.

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