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What is Zamboni?

The machine that scrapes the ice and applies hot water before the game, and in between periods, to provide a smooth playing surface for teams.

Sporting Charts explains Zamboni

The official zamboni machine was invented by Frank J. Zamboni in the late 1940s in California, however, all machines that resurface the ice nowadays are considered zambonis. Prior to the machine being built, rinks found their own ways through manual or machine-operated scraping and flooding to resurface the ice.

Todays machines have a large scraping mechanism, similar to an auger, to scrape the ice before dispensing hot water behind to create a perfectly smooth ice surface. Electric zambonis are now becoming popular to cut down on the fumes created in the arena.

The zamboni has become a unique and famous part of the sport of ice hockey, and was even featured in a song by the Gear Daddies, "Zamboni," used in the Mighty Ducks 2 and Mystery Alaska soundtracks as well as a hockey arena staple - especially during intermissions.

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