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What is Favorite?

This is the team, individual, or group of individuals predicted by the bookmakers to win the game.  The favorite will have points "taken away" at the conclusion of the competition to see if they beat the line.  The opposite of the favorite is the underdog.

Sporting Charts explains Favorite

A team or competitor chosen as the favorite will be displayed with a minus sign and number next to their name.  For example, if the New York Giants are 7 point favorites over the Carolina Panthers, it will be displayed as New York Giants (-7) vs. Carolina Panthers (+7).  This means the Giants must win by more than 7 in order to beat the line.  If the Panthers finish the game within 6 points or less of the Giants, those who bet on the Panthers would win (a 7 point deficit for the Panthers would be a push, or tie).  The favorite is determined based on historical data and recent performance.  Although the bookmaker has the advantage because they make the odds, they are not always right.  This is why the betting line is frequently adjusted.

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