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Newspaper Line

What is Newspaper Line?

Almost every newspaper that publishes a sports section includes betting lines as part of their coverage.  These lines are only approximate and can be inaccurate or misleading.

Sporting Charts explains Newspaper Line

The newspaper line is commonly used to get a general sense of the betting lines offered by sportsbooks and bookmakers.  Casual fans use these lines to make friendly wagers with their friends.  Sometimes, the newspaper lines are the opinion of one or more sportswriters, but typically, they come from writers checking betting lines in a few sportsbooks.  One cannot place a wager using the newspaper lines because they are not supported by any bookmaker.  Each and every bookmaker and sportsbook makes their own lines to ensure their own profitability.  Sometimes, the lines listed in newspapers and other publications are close to the lines bookmakers publish, but there is rarely an exact match.

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