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Official Line

What is Official Line?

This is the betting line bookmakers use for wagering purposes.  These lines are either designed by the bookmaker or established by an official linemaker or oddsmaker.

Sporting Charts explains Official Line

The line produced in Las Vegas is quite often referred to as the official line; however, the line that the bookmaker offers the player is actually the official line.  Many professional gamblers and other smart bettors compare the Las Vegas line to that of their local bookmaker to ensure they get every possible edge.  The official line can be different at different sportsbooks, but is sometimes identical due to the excessive amount of research by the plethora of oddsmakers and handicappers.  When placing a bet at a sportsbook, especially those located within casinos in Las Vegas, it is important to be sure you are betting on the official line, and not an estimate such as a newspaper line.

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