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Pick or Pick em

What is Pick or Pick em?

When a game or contest is evenly matched, or there is even money on a game, it is known as a pick 'em scenario.

Sporting Charts explains Pick or Pick 'em

In these situations, a team or wager can simply be picked because there is no real favorite.  This happens a lot during the playoffs and championships because the teams are so good.  Many professional sports gamblers shy away from these games because they do not offer a big return on investment.  They are sometimes used to hedge other bets, and are popular with fans of a given team.  This term also applies to a type of fantasy sports game in which a player must pick the winning team in order to gain points in the fantasy league.  However, in betting circles, a pick or pick 'em game is much easier to play because of the evenness of the matchup and even money offered by the betting line.

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