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Side Bet or Side Wager

What is Side Bet or Side Wager?

This is usually a bet made with a friend or different bookmaker in addition to the straight bet placed in a sportsbook.  Often times, a side bet is a prop bet and is unrelated to point spreads or winning and losing.

Sporting Charts explains Side Bet or Side Wager

A side bet can be just another name for a wager or any other type of bet.  Its usage is dependent on context.  When speaking with Bookmaker A, a side bet may be the money line bet you made with Bookmaker B, while when speaking to Bookmaker B, a side bet is the bet you place with Bookmaker A.  Making bets on the side is a popular part of gambling culture.  Since most professional gamblers will bet on almost anything in sports, bets between gamblers on who will have a bigger day (profit), which line is right, or even as simple as who will win the game, are very commonplace.

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