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What is Single?

Even though many sporting events have point spreads and money lines, a bet on a single result or outcome is still possible.  Such a wager is known as a single.

Sporting Charts explains Single

This is the simplest form of betting, and is what most friends do when they bet on a game or race.  Either the team you pick to win wins, or you lose the bet (conversely, a single bet could be on a given team to lose).  There is no regard for the point spread, money line, odds of winning, or any other factor.  This type of bet is especially popular with casual players.  Casinos with sportsbooks offer singles to their customers who play other games but have not experienced betting on sports.  A single is considered a beginner's bet because it is so easy to understand.  In some cases, a single may simply involve a single bet involving a point spread or other odds.

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