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Straight Wager

What is Straight Wager?

This is a single wager on a selected side or over/under. The team wagered on must beat the point spread given at the time of the wager.

Sporting Charts explains Straight Wager

The official line when a wager is placed is the line the bettor will receive when the game starts.  If the line moves after his/her bet has been placed, they will be unaffected.  In a straight wager, the bettor places his/her stake down on one team to either win or lose while covering the point spread.  An underdog will have higher odds and therefore a higher payout, but the favorite is more likely to win.  A point spread helps to even the odds for the underdog by giving them a certain number of points to start the game (for betting purposes only).  A straight wager is what most people equate with betting on sports.

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