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Ten Cent Line

What is Ten Cent Line?

The 10-cent line is the money line difference (10 cents) between what a players lays with the favorite, or takes back with the underdog.  The 10 cents is the commission for the bookmaker or sportsbook.  It is also known as a dime line.

Sporting Charts explains Ten (10) Cent Line

A typical money line may look like this: New York Giants (+120) vs. New England Patriots (-110).  That difference of 10 cents is the aforementioned ten cent line.  A player taking the favored Patriots is laying down $1.10 to win a $1, while the player taking the underdog Giants lays out $1.00 to win $1.20.  The difference between $1.20 payout and the $1.10 wager is the 10 cents the bookmaker gets to keep, also known as their juice.  The phrase applies to bigger amounts and is rarely only an actually dime.  The 10 cent line is used often in big casino sportsbooks and on popular NFL games because they are easy for casual players to understand.

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