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What is Value?

This is the type of game professional gamblers and sharps look for.  It is also known as an overlay, and offers the best odds on a proposition.

Sporting Charts explains Value

When looking for a wager, professionals will also seek out the line that provides them with the greatest edge.  A half-point one way or the other is a big difference, so it is worth it to spend time finding the right one.  The right line or set of odds is known as a value because it offers the best value for the money.  Just as in any capitalist enterprise, gamblers are looking to put down the lowest amount of money for the highest possible payout.  Finding value in betting lines is hard work, which is why many inexperienced or casual players follow the smart money.  Although it is dangerous to assume in any situation, many assume the smart money is betting on the best value, and therefore some people follow suit.  This is dangerous because the smart money will sometimes be placed on the wrong side in order to push the line in that direction.

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