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MLB Cost Per Win (By season): 2015 MLB Season

Cost Per Win compares each MLB teams payroll to that of their win total to determine the effective amount of money the team spends for each win. It's calculated by taking a teams payroll and dividing by the number of wins.

More about MLB Cost Per Win (By season)

This can be a useful statistic in determining which teams are getting the most “bang for their buck” out of their roster, though it can also be slightly misleading. Regardless of how well they perform, teams with the highest payrolls are almost always going to be at the top of this list regardless of how well they play. This is because the last few wins are the hardest to get, so to speak, and teams are going to end up paying more to put themselves in a position to get 82 or more wins.

MLB Cost per Win (Total Team Payroll)
RankTeamPayrollWinsCost per Win
1Los Angeles Dodgers230,352,400922,503,831
2New York Yankees213,472,900872,453,711
3Detroit Tigers172,792,300742,335,031
4Boston Red Sox168,691,900782,162,717
5Philadelphia Phillies133,048,000632,111,873
6Washington Nationals174,511,000832,102,542
7San Francisco Giants166,495,900841,982,095
8Cincinnati Reds117,732,300641,839,567
9Los Angeles Angels146,449,600851,722,936
10San Diego Padres126,619,600741,711,076
11Texas Rangers144,816,900881,645,646
12Seattle Mariners123,225,800761,621,393
13Baltimore Orioles118,862,600811,467,440
14Chicago White Sox110,712,900761,456,748
15Milwaukee Brewers98,683,030681,451,221
16Colorado Rockies98,261,170681,445,017
17Atlanta Braves89,622,650671,337,652
18Minnesota Twins108,262,000831,304,362
19Toronto Blue Jays116,415,800931,251,783
20Chicago Cubs117,164,500971,207,882
21St. Louis Cardinals120,302,0001001,203,020
22Miami Marlins84,637,500711,192,078
23Kansas City Royals112,914,500951,188,574
24Oakland Athletics80,786,660681,188,039
25New York Mets100,134,000901,112,600
26Cleveland Indians87,746,770811,083,293
27Tampa Bay Rays74,849,58080935,620
28Pittsburgh Pirates85,885,83098876,386
29Arizona Diamondbacks65,770,33079832,536
30Houston Astros69,064,20086803,072
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