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Balks Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Balks is an infraction called in baseball when a pitcher makes an illegal motion or action prior to a pitch with the intention of deceive the hitter or runners. If there are runners on base, the runners will be awarded an additional base.

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A “balk” in baseball is defined as when a pitcher makes an illegal motion on the mound while there are runners on base. When a balk is called the play is dead and all baserunners move up one base. The balk rule is one in which many fans claim to know but is often difficult to detect, and many discussions between umpires and managers have taken place about whether a movement was illegal. Balks are overall relatively rare and relievers have more balks on a per inning basis than starters. The balk rule has not changed often over time, though starting with the 2013 season a balk was called when a pitcher would step towards third base and fake a throw to first base with runners on the two bases.

Balks Leaders
1Al AlburquerquePDET624
2Johnny CuetoPKC2124
3Cole HamelsPTEX2124
4Edward MujicaPOAK473
5Matt WislerPATL1093
6Anibal SanchezPDET1573
7Hector SantiagoPLAA1803
8John LackeyPCHC2183
9Clayton KershawPLAD2323
10Alec AsherPPHI292
11Franklin MoralesPKC622
12Alexi OgandoPBOS652
13Matt AndriesePTB652
14Jeremy JeffressPMIL682
15Vidal NunoPSEA892
16Raisel IglesiasPCIN952
17Chris RusinPCOL1312
18Jorge De La RosaPCOL1492
19Brett AndersonPLAD1802
20Scott KazmirPHOU1832
21Danny SalazarPCLE1852
22Rubby De La RosaPARI1882
23Mike LeakePSF1922
24Shelby MillerPATL2052
25R.A. DickeyPTOR2142
26Dario AlvarezPNYM31
27Michael FelizPHOU81
28Peter MoylanPATL101
29Erik CordierPMIA121
30Tyler OlsonPSEA131
31Nick RumbelowPNYY151
32Matt HarrisonPPHI161
33Michael BroadwayPSF171
34Miguel CastroPCOL171
35Henderson AlvarezPMIA221
36Marcus StromanPTOR271
37Branden PinderPNYY271
38Sean NolinPOAK291
39Severino GonzalezPPHI301
40Hector NoesiPCWS321
41Tony CingraniPCIN331
42Tyler ThornburgPMIL341
43Ricky NolascoPMIN371
44J.P. HowellPLAD441
45Felipe RiveroPWAS481
46Pedro VillarrealPCIN501
47Danny FarquharPTB511
48Pedro BaezPLAD511
49Luis AvilanPLAD531
50Hansel RoblesPNYM541
51Edwin JacksonPATL551
52Ryan MattheusPCIN561
53Scott ObergPCOL581
54Kevin QuackenbushPSD581
55Junichi TazawaPBOS581
56Brandon GomesPTB591
57Justin MastersonPBOS591
58Jumbo DiazPCIN601
59Keone KelaPTEX601
60Jose UrenaPMIA611
61Luis SeverinoPNYY621
62Henry OwensPBOS631
63Brad BoxbergerPTB631
64Jonathan PapelbonPWAS631
65Kyle LobsteinPDET631
66J.R. GrahamPMIN631
67Luis GarciaPPHI661
68Chi Chi GonzalezPTEX671
69Yohan FlandePCOL681
70Hector RondonPCHC701
71Arquimedes CamineroPPIT741
72Adam MorganPPHI841
73Mike FoltynewiczPATL861
74Cody AndersonPCLE911
75Wily PeraltaPMIL1081
76Mike BolsingerPLAD1091
77Jake PeavyPSF1101
78Roenis EliasPBOS1151
79Mat LatosPLAA1161
80Williams PerezPATL1161
81Eduardo RodriguezPBOS1211
82Lance McCullersPHOU1251
83Charlie MortonPPIT1291
84C.J. WilsonPLAA1321
85A.J. BurnettPPIT1641
86CC SabathiaPNYY1671
87Ian KennedyPSD1681
88Jake OdorizziPTB1691
89Taijuan WalkerPSEA1691
90Rick PorcelloPBOS1721
91Trevor BauerPCLE1761
92Jimmy NelsonPMIL1771
93John DanksPCWS1771
94Chris HestonPSF1771
95Carlos MartinezPSTL1791
96Kyle HendricksPCHC1801
97Michael WachaPSTL1811
98Francisco LirianoPPIT1861
99Alex WoodPLAD1891
100Wade MileyPSEA1931
101Jordan ZimmermannPDET2011
102James ShieldsPSD2021
103Corey KluberPCLE2221
104Max ScherzerPWAS2281
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