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Bunts Attempted Against Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Bunts Attempted Against is a statistic in baseball that details the total number of times a batter attempted to bunt against each pitcher.

More about Bunts Attempted Against Leaders

Bunts attempted against leaders had the most number of opposing batters attempt a bunt against them (either bunting for a sacrifice or for a base hit). Pitchers are more likely to have a higher number of bunts attempted against them if 1) they allow a lot of baserunners (thus giving the opposing team more opportunities to bunt runners over), 2) they are not a good fielder, or 3) they have poor infield defense, particularly at catcher, first and/or third base, the positions which are most likely to field an attempted bunt. Right-handed pitchers can be more likely to have a bunt attempted against them, as they have a more difficult time fielding bunts down the third base line (where more attempted bunts are placed).

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