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Complete Games Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Complete Games are awarded to a pitcher when they have pitched every inning played and faced every batter in the game without the benefit of a relief pitcher.

More about Complete Games Leaders

Complete games are becoming more and more of a rarity in baseball for a variety of reasons, including increased awareness of pitch counts (and some might say an over awareness of pitch counts), increased use in relievers and in particular specialty relievers, and an increased number of pitches batters see per plate appearance. Currently, pitchers who are able to pitch five or more complete games per year are considered a rarity and are generally recognized as “workhorses”. Twenty or so years ago there were approximately double the number of complete games thrown by league leaders, but unless there is a fundamental shift in how pitchers are utilized in the future the number of complete games thrown will likely continue to go down, or at least remain stagnant.

Complete Games Leaders
RankPlayerPosTeamGSComplete Games
1Corey KluberPCLE324
2Mark BuehrlePTOR324
3Madison BumgarnerPSF324
4Clayton KershawPLAD334
5Jake ArrietaPCHC334
6Max ScherzerPWAS334
7Carlos CarrascoPCLE303
8Sonny GrayPOAK313
9David PricePBOS323
10Dallas KeuchelPHOU333
11Josh TomlinPCLE102
12Mike MontgomeryPSEA162
13Chris RusinPCOL222
14Mike LeakePSF302
15John DanksPCWS302
16Alfredo SimonPDET312
17Felix HernandezPSEA312
18Chris HestonPSF312
19Cole HamelsPTEX322
20Johnny CuetoPKC322
21Jeff SamardzijaPSF322
22R.A. DickeyPTOR332
23Colby LewisPTEX332
24Shelby MillerPATL332
25Rich HillPOAK41
26Derek HollandPTEX101
27Chi Chi GonzalezPTEX101
28Josh CollmenterPARI121
29Cody AndersonPCLE151
30Eddie ButlerPCOL161
31Jesse HahnPOAK161
32Clay BuchholzPBOS181
33Hisashi IwakumaPSEA201
34Justin VerlanderPDET201
35Williams PerezPATL201
36Taylor JungmannPMIL211
37Kendall GravemanPOAK211
38Lance McCullersPHOU221
39Carlos RodonPCWS231
40Masahiro TanakaPNYY241
41Anibal SanchezPDET251
42Phil HughesPMIN251
43Jorge De La RosaPCOL261
44Jered WeaverPLAA261
45Michael PinedaPNYY271
46Drew HutchisonPTOR281
47Taijuan WalkerPSEA291
48CC SabathiaPNYY291
49Mike FiersPHOU301
50Trevor BauerPCLE301
51Brett AndersonPLAD311
52Chris SalePCWS311
53Bartolo ColonPNYM311
54Garrett RichardsPLAA321
55Jose QuintanaPCWS321
56Kyle GibsonPMIN321
57Wade MileyPSEA321
58Zack GreinkePARI321
59Jon LesterPCHC321
60Kyle HendricksPCHC321
61John LackeyPCHC331
62Tyson RossPSD331
63Edinson VolquezPKC331
64Chris ArcherPTB341
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