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Doubles Allowed Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Doubles Allowed measures the total number of doubles hit off each pitcher.

More about Doubles Allowed Leaders

Pitching doubles allowed leaders give up the most doubles when they are pitching. Giving up a lot of doubles is not in and of itself inherently a bad thing, though it can be reflective of overall poor pitching. It can be a result of hitters consistently making good contact against a pitcher’s pitches and an ability to drive their pitches to the deeper parts of a ballpark. A pitcher could also give up more doubles if he has below average outfield defense playing behind him, particularly fielders who have below average range and are more likely to allow balls hit over their heads to safely land behind them rather than run them down for an out. Some ballpark’s dimensions can be more conducive to allowing home runs as well – for example Fenway Park is actually less likely to give up a lot of doubles because the Green Monster is relatively close to home plate and many would-be doubles in other parks turn into long singles at Fenway Park.

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