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Earned Runs Allowed Leaders: 2015 MLB Season

Earned Runs Allowed details the total number of runs that were attributed directly as a result of the actions of the pitcher and weren't the result of a fielding error or passed ball.

More about Earned Runs Allowed Leaders

Pitching earned runs allowed leaders allow the most number of earned runs over the course of a season (the difference between runs and earned runs is that pitchers are entirely responsible for the scoring of earned runs, but regular “runs” may have been scored due to a batter reaching base or advancing at least one base by virtue of an error or passed ball). Pitching earned runs allowed leaders, like pitching runs allowed leaders, in many (but not all cases) pitch for subpar teams, who either do not have a better option than a pitcher who gives up a lot of runs or may be in rebuilding mode and want to give the pitcher experience.

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